Drive Safe in New Zealand

It’s important to us at Lucky Rentals that you have a safe journey while visiting New Zealand.


Please take the time to review the drive safety link below to understand the New Zealand road rules and driving conditions – Available in different languages.

Always remember to Keep Left!

More Information Available here on the Drivesafe Website

Play it safe

Staying safe is important to enjoying your holiday. This information is provided to help you travel safely throughout New Zealand. Remember New Zealand can experience four seasons in a day, therefore for even short outdoor trips you should carry a waterproof top and warm clothing. For anything over a short walk, always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. The sections below offer more information:


Note: If you do not feel comfortable driving in New Zealand you should consider if a self-drive option is appropriate for your holiday. 

Need your license translated?

If your license is not in English then you will need an International Driver Permit or a Certified Translation of your Driver Licence. This must accompany the original home country Driver Licence. It is mandatory by New Zealand law that you produce a driver license in English when renting with Lucky Rentals, rule can be found NZTA Website

Click here to get your license translated now!